Want to know what Digimon Heroes Character/Crest you are?

This quiz is based on Digimon Heroes a fanfiction I've written on Fanfiction.net. this should be fun as it's about which crest of which character you would get.

The characters are all invented by me. I worked hard to give them interesting backstories that I don't have space to include here unfortunately. But be sure to check out my story to find out.

Created by: Mikumon

  1. First up which Digimon sounds the best to you?
  2. If your friend was being attacked by an evil Digimon would you...
  3. Who is the most important person in a team to you?
  4. Which of the past Digidestined's crest do you think you would be able to use?
  5. In this story there are Sacred Crests. These activate for everyone! Out of these 8 which would you want?
  6. And how about out of these?
  7. And out of these?
  8. Okay now almost done. In each episode one of the Digidestined I created get closer with an original Digidestined. Who do you think you would be closest with?
  9. same question different Digidestined.
  10. Final Question and this is mega important. In the episode Friendship seems lost something super big happens and two past Digidestined get mind controlled if you were in this situation what would be your role?

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