Data Security Trivia | RSA Conference 2014

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In anticipation of RSA Conference 2014, we've put together this data security quiz to test your knowledge of authentication, encryption, and crypto management. Find out how much you really know about data security.

Attending RSA this year? You can also stop by the SafeNet booth (#2729) throughout the show to play our trivia game live for a chance to win a smartwatch!

Created by: SafeNet of The Art of Data Protection
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  1. OTP stands for:
  2. The purpose of authentication is to:
  3. What is the highest level of FIPS 140-2 available for software products
  4. If you want to provision your devices every 6th month, you must
  5. What is currently the most popular symmetric encryption algorithm?
  6. Who was not considered a contributor to the world of cryptography?
  7. These are all compliance issues encryption helps address, except:
  8. Cryptographic keys stored in software is the equivalent of:
  9. Multi-factor authentication protects users against the following attacks:
  10. What is not an official factor of multi-factor authentication?

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