Dargon Land Adventure 1

You are a large, silver dragon. You do things that dragons do, that normal dragons do. You collect items of interest. You scare people. But you don' have an element power...yet.

Train with the four Kings, the four Masters, and become an expert in all element areas! Go through epic battles, and training, theives and liers, and much more action. There are many, many parts to this quiz.

Created by: E
  1. You, a big silver dragon, walk through the forests on a moonlight night. All is quiet. Suddenly, four dragons surrond you.
  2. You end up just standing there, to afraid to move. The red dragon steps forward.* "I am Fire. King Fire of the fire dragons. And these, are Kings Water, Air and Earth."
  3. "The blue is Water, the white is Air, the brown is Earth." said Fire. "We must train you to master all the elements. Then you will become queen with one of us. Air will take you to his castle first."
  4. You mount Air, who is little compared to the others. As you wave good-bye, Air takes off.
  5. Air takes you to his mountain castle. It is small, but very pretty. It looks like its made out of sugar. You touch the wall. It is made out of sugar! "I hope you like my palace." says Air.
  6. Air shows you inside to a large feasting table. "You must be hungrey." a servant come out. "What would you like to eat?" he asks.
  7. After you are done eating, Air brings you outside to train. "We will first master the art of Air." he says.
  8. Air shows you ten books, all large, maybe 400 pages each. "I want you to read these." he says. You:
  9. After ten days of non-stop reading, you are ready for your training to begin. What do you want to study first?
  10. More is comming up soon! I promise to start the training! YAY!

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