DanTDM...The Quiz!!!!!!

TDM fans out there, take this quiz to see how well you know this famous you tuber. I really hoe you enjoy your time as you test your skills with the TDM test!

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious! Sorry guys, I just cant think of other things to say. :) Mary poppins has come to talk! TDM!

Created by: harrypotterfan7

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  1. Does TDM do minecraft videos?
  2. Does TDM have any pets?
  3. Does TDM do x-box?
  4. Does TDM do Diamond dimensions?
  5. Did TDM make Diamond Dimensions?
  6. Does TDM live in USA?
  7. If you answered the last question, where does TDM live?
  8. Does TDM have an app?
  9. Does TDM like hide and seek on PC?
  10. Is TDM a Guy or Girl?

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