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This is a quiz to test how much knowledge you have about the CW TV show, The Flash. You should get a pretty high score if you know what you're doing.... unless... you don't know what you're doing...?

Anyway, how much knowledge to you have about the TV show? I've watched the episodes all atleast 12 times, I know what I'm doing, okay? Okay. Well, have fun... I guess?

Created by: Michael
  1. Who is The Flash?
  2. What happened at the end of episode 15, "Out of Time"?
  3. What is Harrison Wells' real name?
  4. What does Barry like on his pizza? (I had to.)
  5. Which one of these don't know The Flash's real identity?
  6. Who plays Barry Allen?
  7. Which one of these plays not only Barry's father in the new series but played the Flash in the old series?
  8. How many people from the police force know about Barry's secret? (Excluding Barry)
  9. Who is/was Caitlin's fiancé?
  10. Last - What do you think of this quiz? (It does affect points. MWhahahha)

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