Culture in the past year

This quiz is to test the knowledge of people and how well they keep up with events and culture changes in the past year. I hope if you score low, you might look up some things that have been happening, try to keep up a little more.

If you score very high, well good for you! you know exactly what has been happening but i bet that knowledge came with a price. You might find yourself more easily angered by certain topics because of your opinions on them, try to keep yourself sane. Good luck to you all.

Created by: Rachel

  1. What has influenced culture the most in the past year?
  2. Some customs and norms have changed but a big one is communication. everything in online now, virtual, though a screen. This has changed lots of things, but what's so bad about it? what is the worst thing out of the list of answers provided caused by everything going online?
  3. Lots of people are using what as a way to bring awareness and to get what they want? We have seen an increase of these is the past year, both violent and peaceful.
  4. Even the arts have become effected within the past year. Artists are taking political stands more often than ever, and yet through everything still able to produce working art. How?
  5. So many things have become normal in the past year that no one would have ever thought of, but now it seems as if it is a cultural norm. Which one of these things has become normal within the culture in the past year
  6. What was the movement that protested for equal rights and opportunity regardless of race?
  7. What is the month called where we recognize people of the LGBTQIAP+ community?
  8. what is the movement where people protested to protect the lives of cops and cop families?
  9. What is the movement that promotes the idea that it is a womens choice to keep her baby or not while she is pregent?
  10. What is the movement that promotes women keeping their baby while pregnant, regardless of situation, and promotes outlawing abortions?
  11. Who is the scientist that is giving information on COVID and telling people what their best bet to combat this virus is?
  12. what is the name of the virus that caused the pandemic that everyone in the past year to be put into a panic and caused the economy to be shut down?

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