Crush/Love Quiz

This quiz is to see how good you and your crush or bf ect. R workin out. It has 25 questions that u can answer, and some can tend to get confusing so i appoligize for that. They also have answers for the confusing questions such as; whah? What im confused. (Ect.)

Do you have a secret admirer? Do YOU and your partner/crush have a good fortune??? Idk. We'll jus have towait and see. But, EVERYONE has a soulmate somewhere. :) Have fun, and PLZ!! Dont forget to rate us!! Thanks!! ~Hailey~

Created by: Hailey Barth
  1. Do you know his/her parents?
  2. Has anyone/you told your crush that you liked him/her?
  3. How did they react/how do YOU think they woulda' reacted?
  4. Do you know their relatives? (Such as bros and sisters?)
  5. Do you know their relatives? (Such as bros and sisters?)
  6. Does he/she smoke or drink?
  7. [For guys] If your girlfriend/fiancí¨/wife was in need for surgery or medical care, would you support/pay/help her?
  8. [For girls] Would you help your boyfriend, fiancí¨, or husband if they were in need or needed health care?
  9. If your man/woman were crippled or in need for health care badly, would you help/stay with them?
  10. Would you REALLY, REALLY TRULY TRULY TRULY!!, marry him/her? (Ur crush)
  11. Would u have kids with him or her?
  12. If you were threatened by someone to never see him or her again, would u stop?
  13. What is a perfect date to u?
  14. Would u sacrifice ur life for him or her or ur loved one?
  15. Would u still be with him or her if they had been married/had kids before u were together?
  16. (For guys) How long have you loved her?
  17. (For girls) how long have u known him?
  18. Is he or she taller then u?
  19. Is he or she older then u?
  20. Do they HONESTLY & TRULY love you?
  21. Do u know eachother well?
  22. (FOR GUYS!!) Do you HONESTLY, REALLY TRULY love her?
  23. (FOR GIRLS!!!) Do you REALLY, REALLY HONESTLY TRULY, love him?

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