This a is fun and friendly quiz for anyone wanting to have fun! You want to know about that crush of yours and what it might turn out like? Well than what are you waiting for take this quiz!

Would you play crush crush date the same way you play duck duck goose? Well if you aren't too outgoing to do that just play this little mini quiz of answerable questions and find out here!

Created by: Olive B

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you and your crush have things in common? ☺
  2. Does your crush look at you or notice you?
  3. What qualities do you like about them? 🙈
  4. Do you talk to your crush?
  5. Are you comfortable around them?
  6. What made you begin to like them? 😌
  7. Does you crush know you like them?
  8. Are they crushworthy? Or plain out dateable?
  9. Do your friends think you'd be a awesome couple? 👫
  10. If you played crush crush date... would you pick your crush to date?

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