Crowded House lyrics quiz

This is an awesome quiz please take it right Now or someone will come and kick you in the nose. That wouldn't be very pleasant at all. So take this quiz. You'll love it because it is so awesome. Crowded House are an awesome band

In this quiz there are lots of questions (10 to be precise) about Crowded House lyrics, do you think you know Crowded House lyrics? Find out in a few minutes by taking this awesomely awesome quiz!

Created by: Jasper
  1. Which song is this lyric from "Another Pleasant Day in the Countryside has ended up in tears on a stormy night"
  2. "Here Comes Mrs. Hairy Leags"
  3. "It's Lucid as hell, These Images Moving So Fast"
  4. "Don't Stand around, like friends at a funeral"
  5. "I will catch the Taxi Driver weeping like a wounded beast"
  6. "The Finger of Blame has turned upon itself"
  7. "Ice will melt, water will boil"
  8. "And I'm lying on the table, washed out in a flood, like a Christian fearing vengance from above"
  9. "Circle round in a strange hypnotic state"
  10. "You're not his shoes under your bed yeah yeah"

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