This a quiz for any one who likes horses or rides them, if you are either take this quiz. You never know you might be the ultimate horse freak. The questions a really easy so you probably will get 100%.

These questions may be stupidly easy, but this is just the begging. I will soon be making a quiz for the more advanced horsey people. I hope you are that person.

Created by: Sophia

  1. Do you horse ride?
  2. How many strides in canter?
  3. What is the vital thing that a horse rider must always wear?
  4. What is the back of the saddle called?
  5. Why do horse riders wear helmets?
  6. Why does a horse grow their winter coat?
  7. Which one is called eventing?
  8. What is the pummel?
  9. What is a horse?
  10. What is horse riding?

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