Counter Strike Quiz

Counter Strike, for me, is an awesome game.To be honest, it's the best shooter around, and around, I mean around the world!I made this quiz to see who shares my wisdom and fandom.This will test your faith, and one question may not be about CS, but it will still test your CS fandom!Enjoy!:D

Are you a Counter Strike pro?Are you a noob?Or are you just someone who are experienced, but need guidance.Dude, you don't have to test it by playing 10 matches.Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Andre Guevara
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  1. In the first round of a match, with 800$ starting money it is wiser to:
  2. The best gun in the game is:
  3. When surrounded by two players, the wise thing is to:
  4. Best team?
  5. What's the best thing to do, if you are losing the round?(Example, you are 2 left, bomb is about to explode, and you are facing 4 more)
  6. If you have 3250$ in a round, the wisest thing to buy is:
  7. CS was the mod for what game?
  8. What's the best Star Trek dude?
  9. What is the gun with the best killing power?
  10. Is CS a good game?

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