How much do u know about teen celebs??

How much do you know about the teenage celebrities of our time?? Let's find out shall we?? Do your best to answer the questions correctly without loking up the answers!!

Now that you know what your testing on, grab one of the artificial brains on your kitchen counter, put in two AA batteries and set it to WORKING. Ready...Set...GO!!!!!!!!

Created by: Ashly

  1. When was Selena Gomez born??
  2. Which sport did Demi Lovato use to play??
  3. Which movie FIRST got Keke Palmer recognized??
  4. Which of these is a song by Ashley Tisdale??
  5. Which teen actor guest starred on Hannah Montana??
  6. Sterling Knight is apart of which comedy series??
  7. Which movie did Lindsay Lohan star in first??
  8. Which of these songs by Aly and Aj was in the movie Ice Princess??
  9. Which teen actress did not appear in Clueless??
  10. Which of these have never been a gossip couple??
  11. How old was Dakota Fanning in the movie "The Secret Life of Bees".
  12. Who's never been the best of friends as viewed by the public??

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