Could you survive a zombie virus

This quiz is designed to determine if you would survive a zombie apocalypse because I'm tacky and this naturally not 100% accurate and blah blah blah

Mew. :

Created by: Justin
  1. You have a choice of weapons but can only carry one you 5 seconds to choose go!
  2. You have a simple survivalist pack and need to fill it quickly go
  3. You get a large gash on your leg and it seems to be forming an infection what do you do
  4. You are being attacked by a zombie that is also a clown what do you do
  5. You come upon a river but you are downstream and thirsty what do you do?
  6. You find a deer in a clearing what do you do?
  7. You found several vehicles but can only take one which one do you choose.
  8. You found a survivor but he is slightly injured what do you do
  9. You discover an armed bomb what do you do
  10. Final question: has no effect on outcome you are turning what do you do

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