Could You Survive A Zombie Outbrake

There has been a zombie outbrake. You must try to stay alive. (its not real but you have to think like its real)The zombies are everywhere. You must take great caution.

Are you able to survive a zomie outbrake? Like I said before it is not real (but just pretend)And the zombies are coming out of every direction. You must try to stay alive. Can you stay alive?

Created by: Maegan
  1. What would you do if zombies were trying to get in your house
  2. What kind of car would you drive
  3. What kind of food do you have
  4. How fit are you
  5. What weapons do you have
  6. How big is your house
  7. Do you watch zombie movies or read about zombies
  8. How do you kill a zombie
  9. Who's living with you when the zombies attack
  10. You ran out of food and your street is crawling with zombies. What do you do
  11. One of the people your living with got bitten by a zombie. What do you do
  12. Zombies broke into the basement (if you have one) and are coming up the stairs. What do you do
  13. You some how got bitten. What do you do
  14. Did you like this quiz

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