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  • Hostage...

    Elory Chihuahua Aug 1 '15, 8:52AM
  • I am eleven and really immature - I had a laughing attak so bad that I was crying lol my family thought I was so weird

    Chloe12 May 25 '13, 2:14PM
  • I survived... funny quiz!

    Kiki rocks Jul 18 '11, 7:58PM
  • lol peepee gun

    sdsdf Jul 31 '10, 2:23AM
  • I survived the whole terresist invasion and got 100% on surviver also the last question was descusting now i feel like i wana throw up .

    mobstin Jul 18 '10, 9:41AM
  • I am a SURVIVOR but the last question is hideious.

    BKPB58 Jun 24 '09, 8:57PM

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