Could you have a quiz that would make the front page?

This quiz is for quiz makers who want to know if they're good enough quiz makers to mkae the front page. i don't think this website has any quiz like this one so it should make the front page.

Soooooo do you wanna know if your quiz would make the front page? well take this quiz and find out! it's pretty simple i think. and obvious questions that you should be able to predict your answer.

Created by: sweatpea206

  1. do you ask for lame info?
  2. have you ever had one of your quizzes on the front page?
  3. how big is/was your rate?
  4. if you got any comments, were they about how good the quiz was or were they about how stupid it was?
  5. do you plan before making your quiz
  6. do you make your quizzes about the same stuff like "how attrative are you? or "what animal are you?
  7. im running out of things to say lol
  8. do you enjoy taking quizzes?
  9. do you think i have no buisness making quizzes?
  10. hope this helped your curiosity about whether your quiz/quizzes would make the front page

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