Art, Land, and the Dreaming

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Use the Hyperlink on this page to take you to Art, Land and the Dreaming. Read all of the text by yourself. Then, complete the following quiz. All answers can be found on that page. Do not navigate from the hyperlink.

Remember, take your time, read the page fully, and ensure you have completely read the questions and answers. Read the page first, then go back to answer the questions. If you get stuck, be sure to raise your hand. When completing the quiz, consider how this information contributes to your understanding of traditional Aboriginal culture. Good Luck!

Created by: blakeandlouis
  1. who said the following? To understand our law, our culture and our relationship to the physical and spiritual world, you must begin with land.
  2. Deborah Bird Rose describes country as:
  3. why was Aboriginal Art traditionally produced?
  4. Of the following, select that which is not a traditional way of producing Aboriginal art:
  5. Much indigenous artwork can be seen as a map. Is this map:
  6. According to Mussolini Harvey, the purpose of Aborigional body art is:
  7. Contemporary Aboriginal art has an increasingly:
  8. Abstract Aboirginal art mainly uses:
  9. Art for Aboriginal people, can be considered a kind of what?
  10. the dreaming is:

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