could you handle being around me?

i am a very random person, and some people can not handle that. so, i deceided to make a quiz to see you could handle spending time with me withoug wanting to like jump off a cliff or do some other sort of thing lke that

ARE YOU RANDOM?? good, so am i. see if your as bad i as i am! if you find yourself talkin to inanimate objects or making arguements that dont make sense, even to you, this is the quiz to take and im your kinda person

Created by: Jeremy

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  1. if i were to fill up a bathtub with water, and give you a teaspoon, a spoon, and a bucket, how would you empty the tub?
  2. aol is almost as bad as microsoft. always charging you for stuff that should come with what you buy so bill gates can have more f---ing money to try and beat out that guy from india as the richest dude in the world...
  3. what is your favorite colour?
  4. why did the chicken cross the road?????????
  5. Whats the best flavor of Jolly-Rancher?
  6. if i ran into a sliding glass door what would you do?
  7. what would you do if you saw my sister playing yahtzee with cats??
  8. did you find yourself asking what any of those questions had to do with anything?
  10. it wont le tme continue...

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