Could you be my friend

i made this becuse i was bord and i need to level up i hope you have fun and post a commet and rate this quiz i hope you guys have fun Bybybybybybybybybybybybybybbbbybbybbybbybbybbbbbbyyybbbybbbbbybbbybyybybbybybybbbyb

Thank you for taking my quiz and i hoped you had fun post a commet and rate this quiz and thank you all who took my quiz BYbybybybybybybybybbybbybbybbbybbbbbbbbbybybybybybybybybbybybybybybybybybybbybyby

Created by: bella7513

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like school
  2. What is your fav color
  3. What is your hair color
  4. Will you post a commet
  5. How old are you?
  6. Will you rate?
  7. Are a sure?
  8. Do you like this quiz
  9. Are you sure
  10. are you ready for your score

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