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  • I'm 25% Italian on my Mother's side. Her family came from Trieste in Northern Italy. It belongs to Italy now, but over the centuries, it belonged to Slovenia (formerly Yugoslavia) then Italy, back and forth. My grandmother and her family spoke Italian.

    I love pasta! I make my own pizza (with shrimp!)). Fashion? I'm a nun and wear a habit! I love good music, rock and roll, classical, hymns and instrumental.

    The quiz was fun. Oh, and I'm from the "baby boomer generation!


  • I am also Italian, born and bread, and I ONLY scored 78%. I am Northern Italian, the region of La Serenissima, lived in the province of Rovigo, currently living in Verona, but also lived in Emilia Romagna. I just prefer volleyball and tennis to soccer and basketball (tennis being Italy's #4 sport, see the latest US Open final, Vinci-Pennetta anyone?? And I couldn't care about Italian fashion, esp. if misspelled (Prad?? Prada maybe). How about Benetton? Reds? Original Marines? Tezenis? Cavalli? Sachs? Max Mara? Just because YOU don't know it does't mean it's not BIG in Italy, ha ha ha ... Plus, Italians in Italy LOVE Levi's, Timberland, Carhartt, Vans, etc., and all sorts of FOREIGN brands! Also, Italians are CRAZY about CHEVIN, MAICOL, ETAN, GESSICA, GENNJ, SCIARIL, NAUEL, etc. etc. (Yep! Lovely Italian spelling for Anglo Saxon names. Try to sound them out: they SOUND like their US equivalent - just visit any Italian preschool or elementary! And pizza is eaten MAYBE once a month, if you are a young person, much less if you are an average adult. And for dinner, there is almost NEVER pasta! Too heavy! You need pasta in broth (a soup kind of thing) or another sort of soup). And frankly, I ate more spaghetti in two months in the US than in two years in my hometown, ha ha ha! He, we eat penne, pennette, fusilli, elicoidali, sedani, sedanini, ecc. ecc. Each type of pasta goes to its sauce... Can't plop spaghetti into everything ;)

  • Ahaha, I'm 100% Italian born and raised in northern Italy and turns up I'm only 70%. Yes, I've written that my favourite food is soup: we do have plenty of soups in northern Italy. Not every Italian go crazy for pasta and pizza (and for the record, spaghetti IS a kind of pasta, there's no such thing as ''pasta and spaghetti''), we DO have risotto, seafood, etc...and my surname doesn't end in vowel...because in Veneto surname ending in a consonant are VERY, VERY common. Ciao ciao!


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