Could you be Hokage?

There are a couple of people who think thay have what it takes to be Hokage- Most of them are wrong. Are you? Do you know enough to become the Hokage, or will you stay a lower-level ninja?

Do you have what it takes to be Hokage? Could you master every kind of jutsu? Do you know what to do in every situation? Find out if you can by taking my very first quiz!

Created by: Josh

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  1. You just woke up. You look out your window, and see your friend fighting a chuunin from an enemy country! You...
  2. You are losing against the chuunin, and have no choice but to use a powerful jutsu. What technique do you use?
  3. Kakashi saw you use such a powerful jutsu, and tells the hokage. The Hokage calls you into his room, and says he is going to make you a chuunin!
  4. It is late, and you decide to go get some ramen. As you are waiting, the cook asks how your day was. You reply;
  5. After eating your ramen, you decide to go home. As you leave the ramen shop, you see shadow dart across the tops of houses.
  6. After a while, you see ANBU black ops chasing it. Realizing this really is a big deal, you...
  7. The criminal dissapears, along with the ANBU b.o. What do you do?
  8. You go home because you are tired. You wake up the next morning, and you feel great! You...
  9. You end up going outside to train. On your way to the training grounds, kakashi asks you if you would like to spar with him. Do you accept?
  10. Kakashi takes you to his secret sparring spot anyway, and he says to hit him with your strongest attack. You decide to hit him with...

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