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  • Your A Drama Queen!

    You could totally be an actress! I'm sure you will enjoy going to hollywood and walking on the red carpet. Enjoy it while it lasts! fame isn't for your whole life!

    Truer words could never be spoken...

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • please, if you enjoyed silvermoon8s quizzes, help me stand up for her in the forum (called silvermoon8 in the religion stuff) i know she was a bit over the top but i hate it when there is a forum about someone. if you find any other forums similar to this (forums about people) please help the person who its about!

  • Comedian! So true lol! Great quiz! Also, you might want to put an "I've won several awards" option for people who have won different types of awards.

  • I got sports i guess that kind of makes sense because im a cheerleader....


  • im a drama queen wich is nt true as im recieving a sports presentation reward by a rugby player


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