Could You Be Famous?

Ever wondered what you would be if you were famous? Now you can find out! Just take this quiz and your question will be answered! Read on to find out more!

Are you a drama queen, a comedian or an athlete. Btw, if yoy get untalented, it just means I can't find your talent, not that your rubbish at everything. I hope you enjoy the quiz and plz comment! –SilverMoon8

Created by: SilverMoon8
  1. Your School Puts On A Play. What Part Do You Go For?
  2. Whats Your Favourite Colour And Yes, It Does Matter.
  3. What Was The Last Compliment Someone Gave You?
  4. Have You Ever Won An Award?
  5. Are You Shy?
  6. Roleplay Time! Imagine Your On A Sinking Boat And Can Only Save One thing. What Would It Be?
  7. So You Escape The Boat. You Go To Follow The Other Survivers. You Look Round To See They Are Gone. Your Gonna Die. What Do You Do?
  8. What Word Are You Most Drawn To?
  9. What Do You Like To Do In Your Spare Time?
  10. What Would Your Ideal Pet Look Like?

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