could you be dragon!?by dragon!

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most of you know dragon.she joined in sep 27th,her level is novice and she has lots of friends in gtq!maybe you talked to her befor.

but do you really know her?if you want to see how much you're like dragon,PLEASE TAKE THIS QUIZ NOWW!!!LOL!

Created by: dragon

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. first of all,i'll ask you some easy questions.
  2. favorite color:
  3. favorite movie(this question is really easy but it has something in should found out!)
  4. the next question,favorite sport:
  5. favorite book:
  6. favorite chracter:
  7. now:answer these questions!1-your school starts at 8!what time will you wake up?
  8. 2-you want to go to school/work,what do you wear?
  9. 3-you're in the bus,sitting beside your talk about:
  10. so you're in the go to say hello to:
  11. theres no question number 5!!!how was it?i know it was bad.i was bored.comment so i see what was your result!bye!

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