What Kind Of Dragon Are You

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Dragons Are amazing they all can fly and breath eather fire earth poison or water.Find out witch dragon you are and were you would live.Its only a few questions away.

Are you the Red Dragon,Gold Dragon,Green Dragon or Blue Dragon,Answer these questions and find out.The adventure begins now. Enjoy

Created by: Katie

  1. Are you social
  2. Do you like cold weather or hot weather?
  3. Do you spend lots of time outside?
  4. What would you rather have,pets or money?
  5. Witch is better,being outside,going for walks,reading or watching tv
  6. Do you enjoy music
  7. If you were going on a holiday were would you go
  8. Do you live in a city,town or on a farm?
  9. Do you like large crowds
  10. What do you do with your time
  11. Are you a good swimmer
  12. How old do you plan on being when you die
  13. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Dragon am I