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  • Kiki rocks,

    If you actually read the requirements for this site, you have to be at least 15! Most of the quizzes on here are (or should be) made for people 15 and older, so don't be ragging on this quiz when you are underage! And if you watch ANTM, you'd see that the models DO eat and the judges/Tyra actually once eliminated a girl for not eating. So don't be believing the stupid stereotypes you hear/read about. The press just wants to make you think they're true. (Of course, you're so young and naive, you believe it!)

    Christs Child
  • You go silverain! Christs Child, wow, how old are you? You're the one acting young and immature. I'm sorry, Kiki rocks, some people are just too immature for this site.

  • i don't like this quiz... i'm 12... and from what i've seen it seems like models are forced never to eat (yeah i've known that for a while) but it's still wrong. i mean i'm not fat i'm only 83lb. i got 20%

    Kiki rocks
  • Christs Child, don't be so hard on her!! Gosh! She's only twelve, what do you expect?


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