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  • u can become, or are already, a vegetarian. This is good, because you feel so much better, and you lose weight.. also, if you don't eat meat you save about 100 animals a year! Wow!!


    Yeah. I've been looking into it for a while. I just didn't have the courage to flat out tell my parents "Hey, I don't want to eat meat."

    So...I didn't. Yesterday I wouldn't eat it and my mom questioned it. I mean, really? So, today I got her to agree to let me become a vegitarain. Finally. took long enough. It'll be my brother that'll notice after a few weeks and try to force it on me. Jerk.

  • Wow, I could become a vegetarian... oh wait. I am one already.

  • Yes I could!

  • fat and lazy huh? b.s.


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