Could YOU Be a Backstabber?

I hope this quiz helps you become a better person, and to realize that backstabbing is never a good option. It won't take you as far in life as being nice.

If you really want to be popular, if you want to know that you really are liked, the best way to do that is to compliment other people and not bring them down.

Created by: Regina Anderson

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  1. You have had a crush on David forever, but he's going out with your friend Angela. When you're at a party and Angela is out of town, David asks if you want to go in his room and make out. "Angela doesn't have to know about this." he says. What do u do?
  2. Your friend Kathryn makes a rude comment about your other friend Leslie. What do you do?
  3. Do you make social rules and assign people places on the social ladder?
  4. Do you secretly think you're better than everyone else and are constantly bringing other people down?
  5. You are really mad at your best friend Madison. To get your message across, you
  6. When people say that you're pretty, you say
  7. Are other people constantly trying to get into your clique, and are they always afraid of how you're going to react to things?
  8. Sophie, a really ugly girl in your grade, actually looks decent today. What do you say to her?
  9. Have you ever been called the B word or a backstabber, or ever heard that a lot of people hated you?
  10. Do you think you're a backstabber? Be honest with me.

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