Are you a nice person?

Are you nice? In this quiz, you will be given scenarios that I have personally been in myself. I had to make every one of these choices below in real life. Now it is time for you to test your niceness skills!

Being a nice person is so important. You have no idea how much it can mean to a person when you give them a simple compliment. I have been bullied very badly in the past, but now I'm at a different school where I have amazing friends. I designed this quiz to let people realize if they should start thinking more about others. Since bullying is a terrible epidemic, getting a high score on this quiz really means a lot to me because I respect nice people. Oh, and last thing, please have fun!

Created by: kim1499
  1. Welcome to the quiz! Here I will give you different scenarios and you'll have to pick what you would do! Ready? Your music teacher gets a haircut that makes her head look like a birds nest. You walk out of the bathroom stall and see her washing her hands in the bathroom (weird..) and she asks what you think of her new hairstyle. What is your answer?
  2. You're with a group of friends and you know that your best friend has a crush on another boy. You just can't keep the secret and you especially want to tell your boyfriend. Your boyfriend and your friend's crush are best friends! You feel like your boyfriend needs to know this. So tell or not to tell?
  3. You and your best friends all hate this one girl. You really don't know why, it was all kind of sudden. You and this so-called hated girl occasionally text each other and talk in school. Do you stick with your friends and hate the girl, or e friends with her?
  4. Lets take a break with all that thinking and do a few yes/no Q's. Have you ever sent a mean text or posted something mean online?
  5. Lets take a break with all that thinking and do a few yes/no Q's. Have you ever sent a mean text or posted something mean online?
  6. Have you ever been caught in something you weren't supposed to be doing? Everyone has at least once, but pick the answer that mostly pertains to you.
  7. Have you ever broken up with someone or ended a friendship through a text?
  8. Have you ever hurt someone (or tried to hurt someone) physically?
  9. If your older sister told you to make her an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel, would you?
  10. Do you hold the door for people behind you?
  11. Ok. Just a few more scenarios and you are done! You are on line at the food store an you have about 100 items to purchase. It'll probably take you 10 minutes to check all this stuff out. The lady behind you is just buying flowers and has a young child next to her. What do you do?
  12. You are in Disney! Yay! After eating a big lunch, you go into one of the bathrooms in the parks. You're in the stall, and thats when you see a wallet on the floor! It has a few credit cards in there, a Disney Gift card, and a decent amount of cash. You pick up the wallet and...

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Quiz topic: Am I a nice person?