Could We Be Roomies?

Lots of people have dorms, and live together. They have to put up with each other, but also develop a friendship. And eventually, it's their way of life.

But could you live with me? Could we be roomies? If we went to college together, could we stand sharing a dorm? Well, check out this quiz for your answer!

Created by: CollieAndBerner

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  1. We would need separate beds. Or rooms.
  2. Would you mind if I care for my Furbies for half an hour each day?
  3. I have a lot (A LOT) of stuffed animals.
  4. I'm very private. I am not getting dressed unless my door is locked and no one is in the room. You would also have to knock anytime you have to come in my bedroom.
  5. Friends would come over often.
  6. I would have two large dogs, a Collie and a Bernese Mountain Dog. Both female, and their names would be Melody and Apples.
  7. I would stay up late watching TV and playing my Kindle Fire almost every night.
  8. I am going to use the computer a lot, on virtual websites like Animal Jam (if you wanna add me my user is KittenParty) and Minecraft (no user yet)
  9. Do you THINK we could be roomies?
  10. Comment and rate? (No effect, promise)

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