Could we be friends?

Even though we are probably complete strangers and may never meet, you might want someone to talk to in the forums! I'm always interested to make new friends!

Why not jump at this chance! If we are right for each other, it would be so fun to talk on the forums! This will only take a few minutes, why not make a new friend?! Please rate, comment and share. :)

Created by: Slytherin Heir of PreppySlytherin
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you easily hurt?
  2. Are you dumb? (sorry, not trying to offend anyone. Extremly dumb people with no common sense just drive me up the wall!)
  3. Are you always rude without meaning to?
  4. Which of these do you enjoy the most? Sorry if you don't like any, just choose the one you'd rather do the most!
  5. If I fall over but not badly, what would you do? (Be honest, maybe I like it when people laugh when I fall.)
  6. What is your positive trait?
  7. What is your red flag?
  8. Do you text back quickly?
  9. Do you often ditch people?
  10. Do you often tak to me on Gotoquiz? (If you don't know, I'm Slytherin Heir.)
  11. Are you homophobic (or transphobic)?
  12. Do you like doing ghost-related things (like playing paranarmal games, reading about urban games andd talking to ghosts)?
  13. How many friends do you have (close ones you talk to often)?
  14. If you have a favourite friend, do you make it obvious to your other friends?
  15. If you want to talk to me, my thread is 'I Finally Made My Thread :)' on the lounge forum. I would be more than happy to talk :)

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