Could We Be Frend's?

Frend's are PPL who care about you, and would never ditch you. But it's mostly about the trust. You only know there there your true frend's untill you KNOW you can trust them.

But there are more steps and facts in friendship. I won't tell you them tho ^_^ I want you to experience them, and get to remember them. The choice is up to you, loner, or forever cared for? You choose :)

Created by: NikkiDaRapper

  1. Gender?
  2. Favorite Color?
  3. Favorite Creepy Pasta?
  4. Music Type?
  5. Favorite Candy?
  6. Weapon?
  7. Weapon?
  8. Type Of Person?
  9. Subject?
  10. Fruit?
  11. Did You Like Da Quiz?

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