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  • This is a dumb quiz. I have cheer friends who are super shy. My cheer team comes in all different shapes sizes and colors. And every single person is beautiful just the way they are. You don’t have to be popular or pretty. It’s just a bunch of stereo types. Cheer is for every one. I also don’t get how I got 55 percent, because I cheer and tumble 10 hours a week sooooooo...

  • This quiz is absolutely idiotic. I've been a cheerleader for 8 years now (sideline and allstar) and I got a 0% chance. Really? Not to mention this quiz is based entirely off of societal constructs that you have to be skinny and popular to be a cheerleader.

    I though taking this quiz would be funny, and boy am I laughing. To the creator: f--- you. This is why I'm bullied for my sport. Dumb b----es like you contort something that's intended for everyone and tell people it isn't made for them because they aren't rail thin and popular.

    But hey, you know, thanks for hurting people's dreams and goals. I'm sure they appreciate it.

  • I was in cheerleading for a little bit then I give up because I couldn't go to the games due to my grades but I decided I want to be on, so I took this quiz for fun and it says I am 64% cheerleader and it says if I become one then I'll be good at it, although I don't really practice but I'm practicing this summer so I can be a cheerleader

  • Weight doesn't matter. Height doesn't matter. Appearance doesn't matter. You can still be a cheerleader. f--- you. You seem like a judgemental person.

  • tbh, i got 45% which is super weird because i already am a cheerleader, school cheer and all-star cheer, and i said i was super flexible so i dont really know...

  • I do 2 cheer teams as well. This thing is dumb. If you want to cheer, go for it. I promise you will love it.

  • Weird quiz

  • I got 100% duhh! Im a cheerleader in real life!


  • I feel like I should have gotten more than 27%... but okay I'll just try harder. :)

  • 36% cheerleader which is weird because i do dance adn im ALREADY a cheerleader

  • i only got 18%... weird cos i said i was flexi and stuff



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