Could Be on My Zombie War team?

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Listen up, cadet. You've been recruited to serve in the best team there is. My team. Can you prove to me you're worth my time? In this test we'll see if you're worthy of this honor. From now on, Cadet, you're in the big leagues.

Are you ready to test you're skills, Cadet? You better hope you pass, or you'll never deserve or receive the the feeling of knowing you'll live another day in the world of the Z-pocalypse.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. Do you crack under pressure (this means even if only sometimes)?
  2. When in recon, if you saw the zombies tearing up your friend, would you give up your pos? (Position)
  3. Do you know military lingo? (I.e. H.V.T, cover my six, H.L.Z, Exfil/Infil points)
  4. Are you a fast learner?
  5. Are you good with knives?
  6. Can you go a day or two without food?
  7. Are you in good health?
  8. Are you good with handeling weapons?
  9. The city is decked with zombies. THEYRE EVERYWHERE! but the only way out is through...what do you drive in?
  10. One zombie alone means...
  11. Best place to stay for hiding (in a short amount of time)
  12. Would you die for the benefit of your team?
  13. How many people shoud split into groups?
  14. You're the last one in your group except for one. Hes driving, you're gunning. Zombies tear open the door. You...
  15. Do you work well on teams?
  16. Can you adapt to certain living conditions?
  17. Have ever studied/read over Zombie survival books, or just survival books?
  18. Are you ready?

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