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" This quiz is not for only competition. It is much beyond it. It is to make you aware of Team Anna and their protest against corruption. Make sure you read this website before attending this quiz."

" I believe that DPS students are capable of doing this quiz. We are the young generation. If we are not aware of Jan Lokpal and team Anna then we aren't concerned citizens of India."

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  1. Where did Anna Hazare protest for Jan Lokpal Bill?
  2. When and where was Arvind Kejriwal born?
  3. From where did Arvind do his engineering?
  4. When was RTI Act passed?
  5. Which state is excluded from RTI Act ?
  6. In which jail was Anna kept?
  7. What is the original name of Baba Ramdev?
  8. Where was Baba Ramdev born?
  9. When did Dr. Kiran Bedi join IPS?
  10. By Reader's Digest, Dr. Kiran Bedi is ranked as the ____ most trusted Indian in the country.
  11. When did Dr. Kiran Bedi receive Magsasay Award for Government Service?
  12. Anna Hazare received Padma Bhushan award for transforming this village to one of the model examples in the country:
  13. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Hazare was:
  14. During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, Hazare was:
  15. To exert pressure on the Indian government, main tool or method used by Anna Hazare is:
  16. Anna Hazare is:

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