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  • As for maddyrja...please read yingyang's comments above yours. I rest my case on intelligence. We can express our opinions with out reverting to this type of talking. If someone disagress with you please do not just strat screaming swear words and try talking louder than them. Listen, maybe then we can unite for the better good of this country. Neither party has the right answers; however, we as citizens uniting can develope the correct course.

  • I just hate how people say im 0% liberal and i want equal rights. I believe in this as im 90% conservative. I just dont see why we have to push RIDICULOUS things. In God We Trust is on our currency. Im atheist and i dont care. Its a christmas tree its an easter bunny. It does not bother me or anyone else. Stop making people change cuz u find a word offensive. Everyone has a right to be equal and make up their own minds! Our country was founded in a belief of God. Just leave it that way.

  • @barrelracer: ok you may never see this but the reason society shouldn't want homosexuals to marry is because 1. God specifically ordained marriage of one man and one woman 2. The state has always recognized that it has an interest in the institution of marriage, and the reason is because the institution of marriage should be given an advantage. It should be promoted, it should be protected, and it should be preserved because it is the fundamental institution on which all societies and cultures have been built. Heterosexual, Monogamous, Permanent Marriage. 3. It is the fundamental way that the next generation of human beings are to be socialized and civilized. 4. Government expands in proportion to fatherlessness (and/or motherlessness)

  • 13%. Liberal!! I am 100% pro-choice because nobody died, went to heaven and came back and said that a fetus was a living creature/child. However, when it comes to racial issues and affirmative action I'm a bit on the coservative side. I don't believe people should be given jobs as the govt's way of pardon for past "mistakes" (although clearly they knew what they were doing). I also don't believe in welfare, it's rediculous! You'd be surprised the amount of HANDICAPPED people who still work and make a living. Welfare equals Bums. Healthcare is also a privelege not a right, free healthcare = crappy healthcare. When it comes to global warming, however, its been PROVEN that we (and OUR ecological retarded products) are the sad cause of it. If everyone could do their part, we would lead much safer, non-polluted HEALTHIER lifestyle while help to save the environment, plus, its a great way to save money in the poor economic world that we're living in, so go green people ;).

  • To whoever made the same sex marriage comment, i believe anonymous6? I am a christian and I do not believe in same sex marriage or abortion myself, and! I do not believe that every single individual has the "right" to make their own choices of what they do in this life. The citizens of this country are expected to uphold a certain degree of moral integrity. Who's to stop the snowballing effect when we allow just one issue--in this case SSM--to slide? What's next? Marrying our children? Marrying pencils? If someone wants to marry a donkey, WHY CAN'T WE STOP THEM FROM DOING SO!? After all it's their "own right." There has to be a moral law for this society, and I am concerned that you are a Christian but do not believe that the Christian law is apt enough to govern this land.

  • I am a Christian and I believe in people making there own choices, but thay are CHOICES, this governmentshould not be telling us how we can pray in schools, public places or any government institution. I find that when I pray with someone or even something as simple as God Bless you, people will be overjoyed because they don't hear that much anymore. I work in retail, and at Christmas, I say "Merry Christmas", why, because thats what we are celebrating. I get many people thanking me for standing up for I believe is an easy thing to do. I have not had one person yet to say they were offended by this. Further, I have not had anyone be offended by hearing me say the name Jesus. If we are a country of free speech, I choose to use my faith to talk to others about Jesus, who changed my life, from druggie, alchie, to the man I am today. I also am a retired soldier, so I served to preseve the freedoms and choice I write of. That's why we are free. GOD Bless America!!!!!!!!

  • 73% conservative. Sounds right to me, I support a flat tax, no abortions except extreme circumstances, gay marriage, the word "God" in the pledge of allegiance and coins, high tarrifs on Chinese goods, strong military, and the death penalty. What are your opinions?

  • Who cares about gay marrage? Its not like god will damn you for coexisting with homosexuals. Think for yourself, don't force people to live around your standards, unless you claim fascism. If paranoia, propaganda, and God start nuclear holocaust, we can all laugh about it in hell. 0%

  • I don't believe these questions have anything to do with liberal or conservative. Do you think Bush is Conservative about his war spending? Are people liberal because they care about the poor and downtrodden? Liberal and Conservative values don't exist. What matters is not labels but human compassion and equality for all.

  • Moderately conservative.

    How could you be so strongly in either direction? Seriously that's just ignorant!

    I think there should be help to those in dire need (deaf blind handicapped)...But you shouldn't be able to murder your child based on it not being technically aware.

    Neither is a one month old and you don't hear them trying to argue that. Just because it's in your body? You can't justify taking human life with your own human rights....

    I don't care if you marry the same sex, come on now...

    And we declare the right to bare arms. We don't ask.

  • As for equality...I work for a company in which i believe everything should be fair. However, someone at work got caught with the company truck on company time gambling at a local casino. If it was your average white guy hed be fired. But companies are scared that you liberals will pull the damn race card. I can see what liberals are trying to do or accomplish but the problem is it will never work. People are abusing what you are giving them and u want to give them more. I know people on welfare in which their children have better shoes than i have clothes and furnature. They worked at McDonalds for 2 weeks and said flat losing too much money i can be lazy and make more. The government will take care of me. IT DOESNT WORK!

  • Trouse, we are deffinately on the same page. Terrorists do NOT deserve equal right treatment! They need to be fried up like catfish. Our president is gonna get us all killed. McCain would've brought it down like a fat kid on a see saw! America is finally waking up judging from his popularity rankings. Folks like to PRETEND like the know what they believe in, but they dont SEEK OUT the truth. Just swallow whatever is fed to them. This experience will educate the uneducated and most folks will pay attention next time. ALTERNATIVE NEWS SOURCES!!! AFA - Y'all get out there! There's a LOT they're not telling you on CNN, NBC and even FOX! I'm THRILLED that we can elect a black man president! Unfortunately, is that why he got elected? The fact that we wanted a black president and that he had such pretty words. Is he a novelty? He sure aint no leader! Want a black president? Elect Michael Steele!! A man with conviction, direction, and giant huevos who will clean the filth out of congress and the senate by exposure and strengthen the Republican party!

  • 100% conservative damn RIGHT! I love my country and it's my patriotic duty to prevent liberals from destroying it! President NObama is bankrupting our great nation and turning us into an atheist communist state!!! He is destroying the very foundation of which our country was built on!

  • 86% Conservative!!!- pro-life, pro-death penalty, and anti-gay marriage.

    Btw, I don't like socialized medicine, but I think the government could at least have a government insurance plan to cover for the 59 million uninsured. But NEVER EVER mandate it!

    Also, welfare is an interesting issue, there are people who legit need it, but really, we need a lot more regulation because there are a lot of people taking advantage of it. I live in California and it is one screwed up state!!!!!!

    chillax mayng
    • funny how pro life and pro death penalty are right next to each other, because if you were really pro life, youd think all lives matter, yet here we are accidentally killing some people who have done no wrong and not getting pardoned or anything, and you agree!!! check your logic and tell me youre pro-life also clumps of cells and people wrongly accused are two separate things :)

  • 61 percent

    moderately conservative. You believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values.

    let god of nature decide what to do with gay people, Darwinism with added equal opportunity, it might be wrong for us to judge eachother, we have a VERY low possibility to find out in this lifetime.

  • This is the worst quiz in history. It's obviously eschewed toward liberalism: "conservatives don't like the poor". Wrong...conservativ es don't think the government has the capacity to save the poor by constantly throwing more money at the programs they create. And when they throw money, it's not their money, it's taxpayer money. And when you train entire cities of people to sit on their ass and be complacent taking money from hard working citizens, you end up with quizzes like this one. This quiz is for truly uninformed and ignorant low-information idiots. plain and simple.

  • Your Conservative Or Liberal quiz is based on hot-button social issues of the moment and not on well defined (traditional) beliefs or facts. This is a good way to help users explore their own understanding of these matters, but this implementation (ie. your questions) are not well formed.

  • You scored 6% which means you are 6%

    a hardcore liberal. You believe in governmental action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all, and that it is the duty of the State to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. Believe that people are basically good.

    I also absolutley suppost 2nd amendment rights and freedoms soi much, I think the US should annex Canada.

    Commie John
  • The quiz seemed to go from a very conservative to a very liberal POV but in between was kinda like you know I don't care stuff..needs to be more nuanced and distinct. Also, on the welfare question I think it's just wrong. The conservative POV is more like. Too many people on welfare, get em off and the liberal is Some people need it while they improve their lives.

  • 74% Conservative.In fact I like country music,western films,shooting and Sarah Palin (even if my favourite American politician is Ron Paul) whereas I don't like politically correct.But I'm rather liberal about healthcare.I'm Italian anyway.

  • oooh yess 82% conservative!!

    I'm proud but quiet about being pro gun, life, and capital punishment in a very, very liberal high school.

    If gay, lesbian, and transgenered couples loved eachother enough, they wouldn't care about being married, because their bond is what keeps them together,not a ceremony or piece of paper.

    ...and one more thing. The earth has been through A LOT. It's not just going to destroy or explode in a couple of decades. If the liberals in power gave more opportunities for scientists and engineers to build, then maybe we can think of solutions that will reduce our dependancy on oil, and reduce emissions, etc.

  • You scored 11% which means you are

    A hardcore liberal. You believe in governmental action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for all, and that it is the duty of the State to alleviate social ills and to protect civil liberties and individual and human rights. Believe the role of the government should be to guarantee that no one is in need. Believe that people are basically good.

  • Perhaps it would be a good thing for our society to not only continue abortion rights, but also to start a campaign to promote abortions. It seems that liberals are the ones that want it and it could help take care of the problems we have, so why stand in their way.

  • 93% conservative.

    I may be a small towm conservative catholic but come on let the LGBT community get married, it's not like a legal marrige means anything to straight people anymore and I don't see the government stepping in on the use of contaceptives or premarital sex, both of which are sins too.

  • This is the 3rd test like this I've taken in about 30 minuets. Unfortunately all 3 came back differently. 1st said I was slightly conservative, 2nd slightly liberal then this one says I'm hard core liberal. I guess I'll just stick to my current saying when asked. I'm an independent thinker.


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