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  • Mr. Kingsley! Eeep x) Love his name (HP connection :3 ) plus it just sounds good, indescribably fitting... as x_rosebud_x said, I like the stretching of my vocabulary, had to look up a word and actually use my english class knowledge for a few (darn you English class for actually being useful). Weird how Haste kinda let his death happen/facilitated it for Viper... what did he know? Oh, Viper will be in so much troubleee when Hef learns of her being the murderer. Speaking of Hef - oh my goodness xD the NEWSPAPER GUY??? Only you, Dannica, only you. When all our suspicions have been dismissed and we think 'twas only a fluke that a detail was mentioned, you go and prove us wrong with what we should have expected but didn't because we let our guard down... there are never just mere coincidences in a Dannica work of art of course

  • So THIS is how Viper was a Savior....

    Does this mean she ignored her Purpose? And something just doesn't fit with Hef's explanation...and why would Haste give Hef his power?! If haste had his power then maybe he would still be alive...

    Gosh Dannica this is all so confusing and suspenseful I cannot wait until the next part!

    Okay wait as for Rave!

    And I'm going to assume that Rave DOES have some secrets that he is trying to hide from me and idk when I called him Mr. Kingsley and he replied with Miss {my last name} I THOUGHT IT WAS SO CUTE okay Dannica I am so done with you I give up

  • OMFG I love Rave's full name, especially Isaac, if I ever have a boy (children wise) his name shall be Isaac. His full name is almost as best as this one Russians dude name at my school. I'm totally swooned over him!!! I need him, MORE of him!

    postscript, I love the words you use in here it really spices it up!

  • I agree with everybody about Rave :3333 The thing I'm most excited for is to find out exactly why Haste gave his brother the power? And will Vipr really go "quietly" becuz honestly I feel like she will corrupt something can't wait for more!!!!

  • I am just loving Rave more and more as each part goes by, I swear. It's like, he's so mysterious yet vulnerable? I feel like Flame has a wall up, and it's like covering his vulnerable side, and maybe that's what he's missing wow thanks for making me fANGIRL

  • oh MY GOD! This was one of the best parts by far, I especially loved the range of vocabulary used here and the scene with rave was so cute yet spicy! PART 38!!!

  • so viper is a savior... Oohohoh... wait, Mr. Kingsley.... WHAT A CUE NAME! RAVE ISAAC KINGSLEY!! EEEEPPPPP!!! hmm, now rave better give us the answers we want...

  • Aww, that part was so cute! Rave's full name is so adorable! I love Rave! RAVE WILL BE MINE!!!


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