Confessions Part 6

*****PLEASE READ VERY IMPORTANT***** I'm very sorry to say this but I'm not fisnishing the reason why I left you series because I got stuck. I will finish this one and will make other series.

I'm so sorry. I will make better ones. I just got stuck and don't know what to right.... do u read the tough romance series on this website? If you do..I can't belive richeard died!!!!!!

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Recap!: you beat up the girl that kissed colton. Saw justin playing football with colton and cried yourself to sleep.
  2. You wake up the next morning and wearing grey yoga pants,long sleave blue hollister shirt,and blue converse with no jacket. You grab your bag and a apple and walk out the door. You sit on the curb and you see Angelica pull up with Colton and Jackson. 'Wow' you think. Angelica runs up to you and hugs you.
  3. "Kaitlyn,you have to talk to Colton! She kissed him! She likes him. He dosnt like her!" Says Angelica. "Not until he proves it." You leave and walk to first period which is health. The speaker speaks and it say "goodmorning staff and students. Today we have a song reqrest from a young man that wants his girlfriend to date him again. So this is for you girlie." Says the princable. Its with you by.chris brown. 'That girl is lucky!' You think. That's when you notice you hear a kid in the back say "Kaitlun just love Colton again!" You turn around and the guy is blushing. The same guy that said he wants to do it with you. 'Wow.just wow' you think.
  4. You watch the movie in health then forst period is over. ***FAST FORWARD*** its lunch and you sut next to Angelica. "Omfg Kaitlyn its 4 more days 'till homecoming! Can you at least come to the game to support Justin? Please?" "Fine" you say. She goes running to Coltons table and tells Justin something. 'Oh great they have something in plan' you think
  5. After school,you see the girl that kissed Colton. She's commin your way. "Hey b***h! Where you gowin? I thought maybe we should fight again and see who wins you little h**!" You turn around and you see Colton,Angelica,Jackson, and a whole bunch of kids standing there. "Fine. Bring it on b***h!" She comes twords you and she has her fist out. She's about to punch you when you duck down and you grab her bye the legs and flip her back so she lands on her back. You go on top of her and starrt punching her in the face. Her nose is bleeding and she looks likes she's about to pass out when Jackson comes and grabs you bye the arms. He holds you back. She stands up and says "Just to let you know,I slept with Colton and he's the father of my baby!" Jackson let's go of you and whispers in your ear "get her." She runs twords you and you kick her in the gut. She looks at you and head butts you so you fall. Your about to sit up when a guy comes and starts beating you up! You can't breath and your slowly passing out. The girls smileing and before you black out, you see Colton tackeling the guy.
  6. You wake up in your room. You look over and see Angelica,Jackson,and suprisingly Colton. "Your awake!" Screams Angelica. You can tell your aunt and uncle arnt home because they would be in here. "What happend?" "Well after you got knocked out, Colton tackled the guy and almost killed him." Says Jackson. You look over and he has a black eye and he has blood stains by his lip and nose. your about to fall asleep when Jackson screams "don't fall asleep!!!!" You look over and he's smiling. You try to get up and you nearly fall. Angelica rushes over and helps you to the bathroom. You have to go to the bathroom and you don't care if she's in there. You guys new eachother since you two were 1. Not joking.
  7. "Kaitlyn, Colton saved your life. He loves you and he never cheated on you. The girls making it up. She's not pregnate and he loves thing,still be mad at him or pretend to ok?" "Ok I guess." You two come back and Coltons gone. "Where's Colton?" Asks Angelica. "He left.he had to go to practice. I stayed here because I got kicked off." He says "oh baby I'm so sorry!" Says Angelica. She rushes over and kisses him. "Wait! That girls a cheer leader! I'm going over there!" You say. Jackson and Angelica looks over at each other and smiles. "I knew you were gonna say that!" Says Jackson. You walk out the door and you walk to school to beat her up...again.
  8. You get to school and.get to the football field. You never belive what you see. You see Coltol and that girl kiss AGAIN!!!!! Your even more heart broken! Then you see Colton push her back and you can tell he's yelling at her and she walks away pouting. "That's it!!!!!!" You say. You run over there and you knock her down. "Well well well you come back for more! You little b***h!" She says. "You don't kiss Colton." You say. "Wanna bet?" She asks. You stand up and she runs to Colton. He says something. He tries to leave and she's about to kiss him when you come and tackle her. You start punching her and making her bleed more. Colton tries to stop you but you don't. The guy that hurt you last time comes running over. You jump up and you kick him in the face. He gets mad and he's about to swing when you duck and punch him in the b***s! He falls and you jump on him and you start to leave when someone grabs you. You turn around and its Colton. "Kaitlyn i-i-i-I" you cut him off. Forget Colton." And you walk away. You leave and your so mad you hug Angelica and Jackson and you start running home..
  9. The next morning,you get up and you decide to wear skinny jeans with a green A&F shirt with black converse and a pink hoodie. You do the same as usal and go to school. When you get to school. You see that Angelicas arleady there. "Hey Angelica." "Hey Kaitlyn. I gotta show you something." You two walk down the hall and everyone is laughing at you. You look at yourself and everything is fine but your black eye and everyone knows what happend. You look over and see......................
  10. That's it for part 6!!!!!!!
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