Confectionately Yours Series Quiz

This is one of my favorite series and I wanted to see if any one new this series more than me. This quiz might seem short but it is pretty fun to do when you are bored

I really hope you enjoy this quiz. like I said it is short, but fun and I am proud that I did this. I love entertaining people and love when they are enjoying the things I do.

Created by: lamya
  1. Who is the main character of this series
  2. What is the talent of the main character
  3. Why does he main character's life stink
  4. How many books are in the series in 2013 April 21
  5. Who is the person that is outgoing in the series
  6. What is the last book called
  7. Who is the author of this series?
  8. What is the confession for the first book
  9. How much is the book usually cost
  10. Who is the main character's sister

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