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Many people know that October 31 is Halloween, but Concordia will also be celebrating Reformation Day on this important Holiday weekend. Concordia has many Reformation references that few know.

How much Reformation trivia do you know? Until now, you could only guess. Take a few minutes and test whether you are a Reformation rookie or a Martin Luther authority!

Created by: Sandra Ketton of Kendra on tmblr
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  1. How many theses did Martin Luther nail to the church door on October 31, 1517?
  2. Effects of the reformation include all of the following except
  3. True or False: Concordia has a Martin Luther statue commemorating the famous reformer.
  4. CUI's address is 1530 Concordia West. Is this number significant?
  5. What is the residence hall at Concordia, which is hosting a Brats and Rootbeer Reformation Party on October 30, named and why does it have that name?
  6. According to Martin Luther, which majors at Concordia lead to jobs that are considered to be vocations?
  7. Reformers before Martin Luther were killed for heresy. What world event distracted people and allowed the reformation to begin?
  8. The latest and greatest film adaptation of Martin Luther's life stars which hunky actor as the German monk?
  9. How many years was Martin Luther on trial for posting the 95 theses?
  10. Who did Martin Luther marry?

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