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  • common sense is common sense in other words
    in answering an question concerning what you should or would
    do in an emergencey situation even though you have no train-ing concerning the situation but someone in an authority
    position needs to or has to make a decision using common
    sense. Do you now understand common sense?

    nj 68 sr64 Jun 17 '11, 5:51AM
  • you are stupid to think that you have any common sense trying to make sense to someone who's actually got common sense!It makes more sense to me that you have the same things in common with someone who doesn't have any common sense! Thumbs down about your stupid uncommon no nonsense quiz

    saywwhat Apr 11 '11, 10:15PM
  • You are scoring number 9 incorrectly. You have an extra a in your sentence, so it is not a palindrome.

    kristikatt Dec 26 '10, 7:20AM
  • You need to edit some of your questions. Have someone with common sense help you. :)

    MKR385 Nov 18 '10, 1:02PM
  • great quiz!

    misskiss Apr 15 '08, 8:19PM

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