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  • i can't stop thinking about the wonderful night i had with rave! but that almost ended bc of that (cough cough) eliza... YOU CAN'T HUG MY RAVE, NUH-UH! AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BREATHING IN THE SAME PLACE WHERE FLAME AND WEB ARE! >:( she shall burn to the ground when i'm through with her! (pulls out flamethrower) BURN ELIZA BURN!

  • This is a great series!!I'm glad I decided to read this,otherwise I would have missed a lot!I actually wanted to comment on the other parts too.But knowing me I know I'm just too lazy to do that.well..I love Rave but you made Flame so damn good.ugh..why do you do this?!and yeah I know I love Rave but the thing is I can't help but feel something wrong about this feeling of mine...I-I'm just... sad,even to think about that..:(I don't know why I feel like's so complicated!

    I think I wrote too much, but your story is just so good!!

  • That was so great! I love having so much Rave time! Having him hug me is the best! Flame is nice, but I will still forever be on team Rave! :P

  • Oh my Redvines (What the hell can't they do?-sorry, Starkid reference) This was so Feel-Filled!!!

    Oim ygayod a few parts ago when you described Sebastian with White hair, I automatically thought Anderson Cooper.


    There is literally nothing threatening about him at all!

    Why brain, whaiiiiiiii.

    And in the bit of this part (That sentence sounds quite odd) where it mentioned how in your subconscious you sort of assumed you'd see someone like a wizard and such? I imagined Gandalf just like "YOU SHALL NOT PASS- Oh wait, hey Rave. Whazzup?" I must be over tired.

    All in all your writing is so great and you just make my day!

    (And I love it when you use strong vocabulary, I mean did you eat a thesaurus or something?)

    I hope the end of your summer is going well and keep up the awesome-sauce work!

  • Hey danni I love your writing so much I have an app especially for your Gotoquiz page! Haha and also on wattpad I have my photo up so you can see what this olive skinned fan looks like :) keep writing pal xx

  • My comment got deleted!! :'( aw danni i did read it and commented about 'Britain and my land and rave feeeeels and stuff' i do love your writing and wouldn't miss is for the world especially after ive been nagging you for days! Haha love your writing

  • Dannica, girl! I lost my email so I kinda need you to email me back your email on hallo _ night @ hotmail . com without the spaces of course! xo


  • I can't, I just oskanzjejsbsneis the feels omgerd

  • I'm just going to justify that Rave and I just went on a date okay? That was DEFINITELY a date! And that Savior not a Saint thing was brilliant I love Rave so much omg but I'm also still curious about Flame? Dying for more!!!

  • I finally caught up!! Rave is so UGH! DANNICA YOU MAKE ME MAD BECAUSE RAVE WON'T MAKE A MOVE YET!!

    I could practically imagine how it was waking up on that plane *swoons*

    And it was sooooo cute how he was talking about his favorite places :')

    But Eliza needs to leave, who does she think she is I actually feel a strong dislike towards her but yeah, Rave went back to hug me goodnight! That was so adorable! Love this part, Danni, more!!


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