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This quiz is the second part of that quiz called:"click here,NOW!!".It's really cooler and better than this part but it didn't go into the newest quizes

so only 8 people took it.:(I hope this one goes into that list and you like it!In this quiz,I'll ask you some really really HARD questions!Hope you like it!

Created by: dragon

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  1. First of all..Did you take the part 1 of this quiz?I'm just saying this cause the first part didn't go into the newest quizes and no one took it.:(
  2. If you don't know what is this quiz about,well...Just read the thing i wrote above(near the pic)!No more questions about the quiz?
  3. For the poeple who don't want to read what i said near the pic:In this quiz,I'll ask you some really really hard questions that you will lose your brains!:D.Ready?
  4. So...Quesion number 1-Do I have any sisters or brothers?(Tip:My two sisters are yelling at me!)
  5. 2-How many quizes do I have?(Tip:They are more than 34 and less than 36!)
  6. 3-There's a book near me...What should i do with it?
  7. 4-Okay,let's study some math:I have two sisters so how many girls are in our house?Don't count my mom please!xD(Tip:2+1=?)
  8. 4.2-Each one of us has her own bedroom.How many bedrooms are in our house?My mom and dad share a bedroom and i don't have anyother sister or brother!(Tip:3+1=?)
  9. 5-So let's study some biology:How many eyes does a humen have?(Tip:Look your self in the miror and count your eyes!)
  10. Ready for today's "Super hard question"?
  11. What is about?
  12. Still thinking for the answer?Here's a tip for you:The answer is what i wrote with caps!
  13. Well...This quiz finished.Hope you liked it and i wish this one goes into the newest quizes!I you liked it please rate and comment!If you didn't...Just rate(XD).If you hated it,just click submit to see what is your result!Bye!

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