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Created by: Wackogirl

  1. Okay. Click the most obvious answer.
  2. A woman is standing on a crowded platform by some train tracks. Magically, (almost) the woman falls on the train tracks (bound and gagged), with a train approaching. Any second, she will be run over. Nobody notices. Death in her mind, this brave woman tries to get up. And she fails, but is helped up by someone, but who?
  3. Click the weirdest answer.
  4. Amanda.
  5. Lalalala, lalalala, _____'s World!
  6. Okay, click the thirty-fifth minus thirty answer.
  7. This quiz is POINTLESS!
  8. Question two is E-Z!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hannah backwards isn't the same as Hannah forwards, because Hannah backwards is hannaH and Hannah forwards is Hannah.
  10. Bai!

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