Which pastor are you?

Answer these interview questions to see what well-known American pastor you really are. If you’ve been in a Christian in the past decade, chances are you’ve heard of one of these guys.

Click the answer choice that best fits with your answer. They may not completely fit with one of the pastors, but the choices are pretty close to what you’d expect.

Created by: L.S. Merritt

  1. So when is that whole millenial reign of Christ exactly?
  2. Congratulations, you just had a baby! Should we prepare the water for baptism?
  3. Are tongues and prophecies gifts for the church today?
  4. I noticed your white. What have you done to pay reperations to your black brothers and sisters lately?
  5. Lots of people wear red hats these days, was America really ever great?
  6. Who is your favorite theologian in the last 500 years of church history?
  7. What bible translation do you like the best?
  8. Whats your favorite beer?
  9. When does your next book come out?
  10. Finally, could you leave us with some parting words?

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