Christmas Creepypasta: Under the mistletoe

Ok soz to say but this is the last Creepypasta quiz. Sorry for those who love this quiz I do to but there are other things I want to do like maybe...!

re start love at hogwarts, continue with Draco Malfoy love story and Marauders, do what Hogwartians think of you and maybe a just Harry Potter love story and maybe a Naruto quiz!!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You wake up on the couch and the boys surrounded you. "Wha the hell happened?!" the boys explained. "sooo whya hate christmas?" Toby asked
  2. You sighed. "Well, chrsitmas ain't my best time of year.........
  3. Every Christmas I wpke up to my drunk parents abusing me non stop I got nothing..............I sort of went insane because of them not just because of the voices soooo yeah I hate Christmas!" you said smiling. The boys looked at eachother and ran. Lazzarri came out dressed. "Its CHRISTMAS!" You smiled. You forgot to look outside it was snowing. You ran got a jacket and literally floated outside
  4. Ok so this is going to be your choice because like this is going to be the second last normal quiz! copeeshe? (lol I spelt that wrong didnt I?)
  5. All the boys left except for ________ he smiled at you and took your hand. You stood up. "You know I will make this the best christmas ever!" he said you smiled. He led you outside into the snow.
  6. Ok so this is going to be a two part question bare with me
  7. If you chose Jeff: Ben chucked a snowball at his head and he glared. "Im going to drown you Zelda!" He said picking up a rock. Ben and Jeff threw one at the same time. "OWCH! You put a rock in it?!" you had to hold Jeff back before he killed Ben. You dragged him inside. Slenderman put misteltoe at the door. He looked up but you beat hime to it. You felt the pressure on your lips. It was soft. You pushed back. The day ended quickly. You were watching a movie with Jeff. You put your head on his shoulder and fell asleep.
  8. Ben: He grabbed you and sprinted outside. "Today I'll call war on JEFF!" He shouted you cracked up. The snow ball fight ended with bruises with the rocks they planted in the snowballs. Ben was lying on the floor. You stood above him. He pulled you down and kissed you. His lips were warm.
  9. Toby: He took your hand and led you to the kitchen. "Im hungry!" he said. "Last one to the waffles dont get any!" you screamed running to the freezer. You got there first. "Awww" he said. You gave him a waffle but instead of eating that he kissed you.
  10. Jack: You sat up on the couch and Jack sat next to you. You flicked through the channels. You watched the polar express. 5min in her put an arm around you. You leant into his shoulder. He lifted your head took his mask off and kissed you. It was the best christmas ever
  11. Ok this is the second last quiz no sneak peaks bye

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