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  • You are a 86% Biblical Scholar! 86%

    Have you considered a life of ministry? You have a superb knowledge of Sacred Scripture, and with a continued life of prayer, God will most certainly draw you closer to Himself, and use you to draw others to Him, as well. Keep up the good work!

    I expected to get all of them right but I don't believe they are all right.

  • Actually, I disagree. Although social justice and equality is extremely important, it is nothing without God. And to understand, know and love God, you need to read His book and immerse yourself in it. I don't think that getting a 100 on this test proves that you're a good Christian, but I don't think that this knowledge can be dismissed as you have done.

  • This test goes much deeper into the details of christian mythology than the average person is familiar with. I think working for social justice and equality is a better use of time than learning all these details about a collection of bronze age writings, don't you?

  • That was a very difficult quiz. I scored 36%. I read the bible cover to cover some years ago. That's why I can not believe any of it. Reading the bible thoroughly destroys faith.


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