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Soooooooooooooooooo you get to choose ya own adventure here so your goal is to get fat as you can and stay cutee so you can eat speggti in your pants ok.

Usually you go get your stuff out and then get it all free and I will give them the water I can go and do the cat food because you don’t care what you’re doing or

Created by: Choose ya own

  1. Time to role play! You meet a cute guy at a restaurant and you tell him you want to gain some weight, you are super skinny right now and worried about your health, you weigh 80 pounds. He tells you he would be thrilled to help and after a month of dating you’ve gained 40 and your now a average, got it? Saying okay has no effect on your score
  2. Since your at average you tell him you want to have a little flab because you think it’s cute. He agrees and you go out to Burger King, your order:
  3. After your meal depending on your have either lost or gained weight, even if you chose a loose weight, we are still going to say u gained... 50 pound. Your at 190, and your boyfriend is taking you out to celebrate your upcoming 200 pound mark, he takes you to a movie and you stuff your purse with candies and the woman behind you is staring at you, your choices:
  4. After this even if you lost weight, your at 250! Your bf is a little disappointed because he thought you would weigh more by now, when you go clothes shopping at you favorite place you find that none of the clothes fit you, your choices:
  5. By now your at 300 pounds and your pretty happy! You are eating your 7th pizza when your favorite jean’s button pops and your 5 inch muffin top spills out. You;
  6. 475.... you have almost reached your goal and your bf is filling you like crazy, by the time your done with your 15th Big Mac you are at 520! Your bf is finally satisfied and you kinda wanna keep going, when you go to the private island with him, you show up in a bikini with your 10inch muffin top hanging over, before you go out you decide....
  7. Ok woah your at 600 pounds and that’s a little much, you now have a thick waddle that’s ugly, you can barely walk. Your overeating a ton and when you go out people stare at you,
  8. Ok your at 700, your immobile and your bf is even depressed.
  9. Ok it’s time for results! Depending on your choices, I put together what would happen if you experienced a bf like that! Are you ready?
  10. Do you want me to make more adventure quizzes?

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