Chaw Tapping at the Great Tree(Ga'hoole)

This quiz is meant to test you in order to determine to which of the Chaws you belong at the Great Ga'hoole tree. Based off of the Guardians of Ga'hoole (books).

So go forth Young one and discover your potential as a Guardian of the Great Tree, Know that we are Watching. Best of luck to you, whatever your name is.

Created by: IvoryDragon
  1. You are out in the forest hunting for prey. Suddenly you spot an injured owl on the forest floor. Do you:
  2. What does your favourite pass-time include?
  3. What do others described you as?
  4. You are in a library filled with every kind of book imaginable. Do you choose:
  5. What would you say is your best Attribute.
  6. Which appeals the most to you?
  7. How Intellegent do you think you are?
  8. You are asked to aid in the coming war and will be joining as:
  9. What kind of owl are you?
  10. Lastly. Which word sounds like the opposite of you?

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