Central Rebel Quiz

This is a quiz for all Central Rebel Alumi or ones that are still. Some that take this quiz may not know some of the answers to the question begin that the quiz maker has been an alumi for 10 years now but try your best.

Are you a Rebel Genius? Can you get all of the question right? Do you know as much as you think about Central Well take this quiz and we will find out. Good Luck

Created by: Mandy

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  1. How many schools make up Central
  2. How many band teachers has Central be through in the last 20 years
  3. What teacher does not work for Central
  4. What song is not allowed to be played during school events.
  5. Who was the first class to graduate from the new high school.
  6. What class as had the most teacher go through it.
  7. In what year did the towns that make up the central school District merge.
  8. What is refered to as the White House at Central
  9. What teacher has not taught choir at Central
  10. What sport is the most winning sport that central has.

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